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Are your Dreams becoming reality??

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Don't delay in taking action on your dreams!

How long have you been having your dreams?

Dream of a new career? ......Dream of a new home? ......Dream of your own business?....... Dream of a new idea to solve a problem?...... Dream of being debt free?.........

Well, how long has this been going on?

1 day?.....1 month?.....1 year??.....10 years???.....20 years????.....Forever???

We are our own worst enemy to stop from carrying out our dreams!

I am proof of that!

One of my dreams is to hike the Appalachian Trail. That dream has been there for 30+ years.

I have looked at what has kept me from going. "I can't be away from the family for 1 to 6 months.", "Should I really go alone?", "Who would go with me?" These were the main reasons to prolong my dream year after year. I did try 2 day trips and day hikes in the Smoky Mountains to keep my dream going.

Then three years ago, a friend said she would go hiking with me. Anywhere I went, she said she would go.

WOW! No more excuses to myself.

No more dreams, THIS IS REAL! It was like a challenge was set in me.

From that moment on, the DREAM turned into REALITY.

REALITY started to take ACTION.

The TRUTH of this...dreams are wishes that haven't turned into reality. Dreams can be blown away like dandelion seeds in the wind or smashed like a bug on a windshield by you or anyone else close to you! That's why they last so long in your head or your heart. THERE'S NO ACTION TO TURN THEM INTO REALITY.

How did my dream become reality? I watched a friend walk the Camino across Spain two years ago through his posts and pictures on FB. The pictures of the countryside, churches, food and challenges he was facing his head caught my attention and my interest grew.

Now to propel my dream into reality....I declared on my FB page, on February 1, 2019, I was going to walk the Camino in Spain. I picked a date, June 1 through July 9, 2019.


People even responded to me about my declaration. My husband and daughter said they wanted to come along. My friend wanted to come too. This was very encouraging to me.

From there, I took more and more actions to make my REALITY happen.

A friend helped me get a good price on my airplane ticket to Madrid, Spain and home from Lisbon, Portugal. I got the equipment I needed from whom ever I talked to. I joined three FB pages/groups to learn about the Camino. I bought the book that would give me the most info while I was on the Camino Frances. Every ACTION led me to my REALITY.

MY REALITY....what happened?

My husband, my daughter, and my friend could not go with me due to an injury and work schedules. I still decided to keep my REALITY alive - I went anyway. I went solo.

It was the best decision ever! I started walking from Pamplona, Spain on June 1, 2019 and

450+ miles later reached Santiago de Compostela on July 4, 2019 and bus toured to Lisbon on July 9 for my flight home.

REALITY IS NOT A DREAM. It's so much better.

Call me for a free consultation about YOUR dream.

P.S. Here is my favorite picture from #myjourney on the Camino.

I reached Santiago de Compostela after walking 450+ miles

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